How to Form Healthy Eating Habits

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Why is it that try as you might, switching to healthy eating habits feels nearly impossible? It seems that no matter how earnest your intentions may be, good eating habits take the wayside to those which are both familiar and convenient to you. 

Unfortunately, “familiar and convenient” usually means reaching for packaged foods and other sources of less-than-nutritious calories. 

True, packaged foods typically have long shelf-lives and are easy to grab on the fly or keep in your desk. However, between the simple sugars, trans fats, hydrogenated fats and preservatives, is convenience really in your best interest?

No, of course not, which is why you are aware of a need to switch to healthier habits. 

And here’s how. 

Making the Switch to Good Eating Habits

Merely understanding the need for good eating habits doesn’t implement the cure, which means that in order to change your diet for the better you need to create a plan.

And, this plan needs to be easy and manageable, and NOT like taking on a second job. 

The best way to do this? 

Start small, and work up.

For instance, let’s say that you realize you need to get more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. 

However, making a sudden switch to fruit and green salads morning noon and night will not only add loads of shopping and prep time to your day, it will also quickly burn you out on fruits and veggies. This then makes it much easier to simply fall back on your old, easy-to-follow habits

Instead, try swapping those packaged snacks in your desk for apples, oranges, carrot sticks and other easy-to-snack-on fruits and veggies.

This will then give you a good, healthy starting point which you can mold into a habit. From there you can expand little-by-little, such as getting in the habit of buying grass-fed beef over conventional or changing dessert from cake and ice cream to yogurt with fruit and granola. 

And, in addition to starting small, you should:

  • Keep the chain going—Think of each day of your new habit as a link in a chain, with your goal being to keep it going for 3-or-so-weeks (see the next section on the 21-day habit). You can do this by marking each successful day on a calendar so that you can see your progress over time while making sure not to “break the chain.” 
  • Keep positive intentions—Just as you take showing up at a business meeting seriously, take your habits seriously. Do this not only by keeping track of successful days, but by scheduling the implementation of new habits as though you are scheduling a business meeting or similar. 
  • Celebrate—When you reach a successful milestone, pat yourself on the back! Even if it is a small win, a win is a win and celebrating it will make it that much more significant. 
  • Avoid Negativity—Those who support your habits are those you need to be around, simple as that. True, some may want to “test” you with donuts in the break room, etc. which may mean avoiding the break-room, and possibly even the person. However, those who offer their support or even want to join in are who you need to be around, since doing so can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Remember, this is all about commitment and changing your mindset which requires an “all-in” approach.  

The 21-day Habit

You also need to give your new healthy eating habits time to “set in” and take hold. 

For instance, science tells us that it usually takes a minimum of around 3-weeks for a habit to form and become established. This means that even though times of change are exciting, and you likely want things to happen sooner than later, some patience and discipline are in order. 

In other words, when you first begin prepping your veggie sticks and fruit and taking them with you to work in the morning, plan on NOT being able to rely on innate habit to do so for at least another 3-weeks. This may mean using a reminder system, such as:

  • Affixing a note somewhere you know you won’t miss it, such as the bathroom mirror or with your car keys. 
  • Prepping things the night before and leaving them somewhere you know you won’t forget, such as near the front door, on the breakfast table or at the front of the refrigerator.
  • Marking a day on your calendar (such as every Monday) where you plan on prepping a week’s worth to bring to work. 

Remember, 3-weeks is the minimum time it may take to establish a habit, and with some of us or some habits possibly requiring more time than that. This means you may need to keep at it for up to 2- months (or more) until the habit is firmly established.

Easier Yet…

An even easier way to establish healthy eating habits than the 21-day habit plan is to automate things so that you are relying less on pure diligence, and more on the convenient delivery of great-tasting, nutritious food. 

By this, we mean having delicious meals from a revolving weekly menu delivered to your door or business so that all you have to remember to do is…enjoy!

And of course, when you’re talking about tasty foods created by athletes who know a thing-or-two about flavor and nutrition, you won’t have too much trouble “remembering” to enjoy what you’re eating. 

But how can you do this?

Simply check us out at EatRiteFoods, and you’ll be on your way to establishing the easiest—and possibly healthiest—habit you’ve ever formed. 

And, you’ll love our prices as much as you will your delicious new habit. 


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