How to Order Healthy Delivery While Losing Weight

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More than 36% of adults in the U.S. are obese. With an ever increasing upswing of healthy eating trends it’s safe to assume that a lot of people are exploring various ways to lose weight.

We all experience those times when ordering out for food is the preferable choice, especially when you’re with friends and family. Why? Because it’s easy and requires little to no thought or planning. Although more restaurants are offering healthy choices, your average dining out experience isn’t a sustainably healthy routine, and we’ll get more into why below.

The question then is how to get healthy delivery while you're trying to drop those pounds. It's not always easy, but it can be done!

Let's dig in and see how.

Portion Control

Restaurant portion sizes are big. Recent research concluded that 92% of restaurants offer portions with too many calories. In addition, sauces and dressings often hide lots of extra calories. Asking for those to be served on the side gives you the advantage of controlling how much is used.

Delivery works for you in terms of portion control. You have storage containers and your fridge handy. Dish up smaller portions and put the rest away for later.

An alternative is to order a single main course and a couple of sides. You can split the food between two or three people or even multiple meals. Either way everyone gets a reasonable portion and there's not enough for overeating.

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Go Lean

Protein comes in lots of shapes and sizes, but the protein you want in your healthy delivery is the lean variety.

If you can't give up red meat, go for flank, tenderloin or strip steaks. Salmon and tilapia are excellent lean fish options.

You can also get your fill of lean protein from veggie and grain sources. Brown rice, black beans, quinoa, and lentils all pack a protein punch. Plus, they show up on a lot of menus!

Preparation Selection

We're so obsessed with deep frying in our culture that we drop entire turkeys into boiling oil. Even so, fried foods have high calories, lots of fat and may contribute to type 2 diabetes. That means most fried food on the menu should be off limits.

Opt for foods that are grilled, steamed, or poached. These cooking methods involve little or no extra fat.

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Leverage the Internet for Healthy Delivery

Most restaurants put their menus online, which helps you spot fried foods and fattening cream sauces. An increasing number of restaurants also offer detailed nutritional information on their websites.

You can study that information before you place your order to pick out healthier entrees and even desserts. Low-fat frozen yogurt with fresh fruit can be a delicious and healthy meal ender.

Pro-tip: Print out a copy of the menu and highlight the healthy options you find to make future orders easier.

Join a Prep Service

Healthy eating is a lot of work. For busy professionals and anyone raising kids, the time cost of that work is often a non-starter. There is an alternative.

You can join a food prep service that specializes in healthy eating.

These services have a fairly straightforward approach. You purchase meals ahead of time, usually in blocks of 10-40 meals. Then you pick out the meals you want from a menu.

The service prepares the meals and delivers them to you once or twice a week. You keep the meals in the fridge or freezer and heat them up as necessary.

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Parting Thoughts

Losing weight is difficult and oversized portions filled with fat don't make it easier.

Still, it is possible to get healthy delivery. You need to mind your portions, protein and preparation methods. If you simply don't have the time or mental bandwidth available, you can also opt for a food prep service.

Based right here in Buffalo, Eat Rite Foods is a meal prep service specializing in healthy eating. For questions about our service or meals, please contact us today.

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