Why Protein Shakes Are Not More Convenient Than Real Food

man putting protein shaker in his bag

It only makes sense: you’re busy, you’re active, and a protein shake seems the best way to conveniently get the nutrition you need during your long day. However, that super-convenient protein shake usually ends up being a super-smelly shaker in your desk at the end of the day which you also need to remember to take home, clean and refill for tomorrow—or in other words, maybe not so convenient after all.

Even so, protein shakes are still easier than real food, right?

Hmmm, let’s have a look and find out!

Protein Shakes vs Real Food

First, let’s not get all “Protein shake: bad! Real food: good!” here, since liquid nutrition does have its merits. For one, your body has less to break down than with real food, which means it absorbs the nutrients faster, so they go to work more quickly. This is especially good for bodybuilders and other athletes needing rapid post-workout protein absorption to build lean muscle mass.

Plus, protein shakes are an excellent way to monitor the type, quality, and amount of protein you consume, and they can be soooo very handy on days you just don’t have time to to leave your desk for lunch.

However, athletes building muscle are actually better off with protein already in their system ready to go to work during their workout, and there is also the monotony of having protein shake-after-protein shake, day-in-and day-out—not to mention that same weird protein shake taste. Over time, this completely removes the pleasure from your nutritional intake, and let’s face it—you should enjoy what you’re eating!

Let’s also not forget that the shaker needs to be taken home and cleaned daily, and shakes containing perishable ingredients also need to be kept in the refrigerator. This not only means extra things to remember each day, but also still needing to get up from your desk and its pile of work get lunch from the fridge.

However, let’s also mention that getting up from your desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing—though sitting all day, including through lunch, can be. In other words, the “convenience” of having your nutrition there at hand so that you never need to leave your workspace may not be doing your health much good, since sitting is now considered the new smoking and may lead to:

·       Heart disease

·       Obesity

·       Diabetes

·       Some cancers

·       Poor mental outlook

Oh, and let’s also not forget the whole thing about you needing complete nutrition including ALL macronutrients each day. This either means you need a protein shake, a fat shake AND a carbohydrate shake, or just one incredibly complete shake which, let’s face it, may as well just be real food by that point!

On the Other Hand, …

When it comes to dietary convenience, you have alternatives that don’t involve yet-another shake, smelly shaker, or that weird protein taste over time.

And no, we’re not talking about switching to expensive protein bars or other processed, packaged foods with their added sugars, preservatives and other ingredients you need to stay away from. That, and protein bars are hardly a step up from protein shakes, since both can become so monotonous that tree bark starts to sound good after a while. 

Instead, why not combine the convenience of a protein shake with the great tasting satisfaction of REAL chef-prepared meals?

Here at Eat Rite Foods, we can deliver that and more.

That’s because we’re not just guys who know how to make great tasting food, we’re also athletes who understand a thing or two about diet and nutrition for maximum performance.

And, with two locations in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls region featuring convenient pickup hours throughout the week, you always have the easy option of stopping in on your way to or from the office, or simply having us deliver it for you.

Plus, with an ever-revolving menu of satisfying options for most eating programs, we ensure that tree bark will never look good again.

So, give us a try and swap the boredom, weird taste and cleaning hassle of protein shakes for the convenience of real, great tasting food brought right to your door.

Seriously, it’s just easier!

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